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Then and Now

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St.Denys Church Fire Co-op Kent's Coalyard
The Commercial Inn Burnett's Butcher Shop
Yelland's Grocery Shop
Rabey's Cycle Shop
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Pope's Grocery Shop Metherell's Gents Hairdresser
Metherell's Grocery Shop Trudgian Organ Builder Walker's Grocery Shop
Bell's Grocery Shop Gregor's Electrical & Men's Outfitters Strongman's Cobbler's Shop
Veall's Bakery Dunstan's General Store Nance's Furniture Shop
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Gordon Richard's Garage The Plaza Cinema
Miller's Electrical & Wool Shop
Bunt's Cobblers Shop Taylor's Gents Hairdresser Grigg's Cycle Shop
Davis Butcher Shop Yelland's Garage Western National Bus Garage
Lower Fore Street
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Estlick's Early Chemist Shop
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Estlick's New Chemist Shop
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