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Active Plus Communities Course at Claytawc


Active plus Communities is a four year funded project by the Big Lottery. It is aimed at reducing social isolation in people aged over 50. So far we have helped almost 400 individuals across the County.  We have been provided with 20 target areas across the County.

The way we achieve this is by the participants taking part in a six week structured phase aimed at helping people develop confidence, communication and team building. The participants complete a series of activities to help them develop these skills. 

We also ask the Fire service and the Police to give presentations to the group to help individuals feel safer within the community. There are also other presentations which are delivered to help the participants engage with the community and with each other. At week six certificates are awarded for the hard work the group has completed.

Phase two of the project is to help the group to become self sustaining, we have a list of guest speakers who speak to the group who make the group aware of the services which are available to them. The group create there own program which can include arts and crafts and indoor activities,all aimed at the group bonding together.

Gradually the instructors withdraw from the group and support the self-sustained community group from a distance.


Please use links below for details

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